General Garden Maintenance

£30 per hour 

Day Work

From £200 (General

Garden Tidy Up)

Hedge Trimming Only

From £80

Fence Post Repair

From £120

Patio and Driveway Cleaning


  1. Pressure Wash

  • £3 m2​


  1. Pressure wash

  2. Return to apply kiln sand

  3. Residual herbicide treatment

  • £4 m2​


  1. Chemical wash

  2. Pressure wash

  3. Return to apply kiln sand

  4. Residual herbicide treatment

  • £5.50​ m2

Green Waste Removal

£15 per 260lt big bag. 

Lawn Mowing Only

From £30

Lawn Make Over

From £15 per square meter

Scarification, Aeration, Re-Seeding, Top Coat Dressing of Lawn Compost, Slow Feed Fertiliser, Watering and Aftercare Advice.

Tree Care & Tree Stump Removal

From £150

Tree care and maintenance including dead wood removal, clearance cutting and tree stump removal.